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Simple Secure Scripts (SS Scripts) was started in 2007 by me, Kevin Kazimir, with the goal of providing web developers and designers easy to implement solutions to common problems.

I am an alumnus of the Computer Science and Business program at Lehigh University. Since graduating from Lehigh, I have been employed as an IT auditor, a business systems analyst, and an applications developer. I have performed work for both Fortune 500 companies with thousands of employees and small businesses with only a handful of employees during my professional career.

I started SS Scripts to serve as an online repository for portable solutions to problems I have faced in PHP. I quickly learned that not all PHP solutions "play nice" when developing for a secure web site. ssWeather, for one, was developed as a result of me trying to find a dynamic weather solution that would display on a secure web page without a dialog box showing up in Internet Explorer.

This is why I am looking to stress developing solutions that work in both secure and non-secure environments. Users should not be forced to answer a dialog box in order to view dynamic content on a web site :)

I also have professional experience doing development work in ASP, VB.net, XML/XSL, and C++.


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