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More coming soon!


Here is a listing of the scripts we are offering at this time and a brief description of each:


Compatible with: PHP v5.1.2 or greater

ssWeather is a streamlined solution to displaying the current weather conditions for a predefined zip code on a web page. The script can display any combination of the current temperature, the current conditions, a graphical representation of the current conditions, and the date of the reading without any adverts or links back to other pages. ssWeather can also be combined with AJAX to produce a "live" weather widget on your site!

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Compatible with: PHP 4 or greater

ssStocks is a simple yet elegant script that can be used to display data for a predefined stock on your web page. The script will display the current quote of the stock price, the time of the quote, the stock's opening price, the range the stock sold at throughout the day, and more. Naturally, no adverts or links back to other pages are required.

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