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Cost: $5.00

Latest Version: 1.1
Released: 2/26/08

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Compatible with: PHP 4 or greater

Cost: $5.00

ssStocks (or secure, simple Stocks) is a streamlined solution to displaying the current stock information for any number of predefined stock ticker symbol (e.g. GOOG) on a web page using the Yahoo! Finance stock data. The script can display any combination of:

  • The value of the stock at the time of its last trade (aka current stock price)
  • The date (Month/Day/Year) and time of the stock quote
  • The opening price of the stock on the day
  • The change in price of quote from its open to its current price
  • The minimum and maximum values the stock has sold for so far today
  • The volume of the stock

The PHP script can be used on both secure and non-secure web pages without courtesy link-backs to other web sites and without any obtrusive security warnings issued by common browsers (such as Microsoft's Internet Explorer). Other weather scripts and applets may cause the browser to prompt the user if he or she wants to display any "non-secure items" or "execute an ActiveX control."

ssStocks is unencumbered by these prompts. It will display stock data at the default security settings for Internet Explorer without a hitch!

Please note that implementing ssStocks on a web site requires that you have access to upload and execute PHP files on a web host. As such, ssWeather will *NOT* work on profiling web sites such as MySpace or FaceBook.

Furthermore, the look and style of the stock information can be customized any way you see fit. Here is a Demo of ssStocks:

Google (GOOG)

968.15 (-2.74)

Today's Range: 961.51 - 975.90

as of 7/20/2017, 4:00pm

Additional demos can be seen here:

ssStocks - security, simplicity, and flexibility.

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